Saturday, October 19, 2013

10.08.2013 What a long day....


what a long day for me.... 6AM wake up --> prepare milk+breakfast+snack for Zoya+lunch for Zech --> change clothes+make zoya's hair crazy for her crazy hair day at school --> 8AM leave to school --> 10AM take zoey to my gym --> 11:50am pick up Zoya --> 12:15pm Zech came home --> cooking lunch --> have lunch with kids --> fruit+ice cream+milk --> 2PM take a nap --> syd and will came --> 4:35PM syd and i went to zoya's teacher and parent meeting --> back home and teach zoya and zech their homework --> 5:30PM syd bought kids treats @ CVS --> 6PM take kids to swim class --> 7:30PM dinner @ youngtong tofu --> give kids a shower --> give them milk --> story time --> brush teeth --> pray --> ZZz --> laundry --> i took a shower --> ME TIME NOW!!!


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